Strike a Pose – There’s Nothing to it! ​There is nothing like fun props to really get your guests in the party spirit! They will love dressing up, posing, having fun and of course having their photo taken by Vogue! But, why settle for a standard prop box when you can have our enormous range of amazing and fun props?   

Vogue Props

Our Vogue Props selection is included in the Mini Vogue, Party Vogue, En Vogue and Ultimate Vogue packages.  Including a wide variety of:

  • Hilarious glasses
  • Crazy hats
  • Colourful wigs
  • Extravagant feather boas
  • Fun-shaped chalk boards to write your personal messages
  • Unique moustaches
  • Animal masks and ears
  • Carnival style masks
  • Chains and beads
​and many many more fun props to keep you entertained for hours! 

Ultimate Themed Props
Included in En Vogue and Ultimate Vogue but upgrade available for all packages. Are you having a themed party? If so, let us know your theme and we will bring extra themed props to match your party! For example, having a gangster style party? We have a variety of guns, trilbies and fat cigars to bring out the gangster in all your guests! What about a 60s or 70s party? Chill out with our psychedelic accessories, afro wigs, fake joints and floppy hats! Fancy getting down and dirty with our raunchy themed props including whips, handcuffs and masks? Contact us with your requests and we will do our very best to accommodate!


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